Care instructions

Fine-thread, elegant voiles need regular and gentle care. If you follow these instructions you will be abe to enjoy your fabric for years to come.

Do not chlorinate

Do not bleach/chlorinate with bleaching water or a concentrated bleaching agent. Consult a specialist.

CS = Comfort and security

A premium quality fabric: brilliant shade, lightfast, dimensionally stable, rub-fast, easy care, free from harmful substances, breathable and flame retardant. CS fabrics are ideal for versatile residential and contract use.

Hand wash

Hand wash only, or wash in a household washing machine which has the corresponding hand-wash symbol. Water temperature 30°C max. 40°C depending on the article. Dissolve mild detergent in water, then wash the textiles in the soap and rinse carefully. Do not rub, do not tear, and do not wring out. Treat coloured and sensitive pieces quickly and do not leave them in a damp condition.

Warm iron

Iron as woollens/silk/polyester/viscose. Steam iron can be used. Avoid strong pressing and do not pull out of shape.

Do not tumble-dry

Do not tumble-dry.

Do not wash

Do not wash articles with this symbol. In general, they are sensitive to wet treatments and might possibly change in appearance (loss of colour, shrinkage etc).

Perchlorethylene, hydrocarbons (heavy petrols) / dry-cleaning

Cleaning method for sensitive textiles. Standard solvent-based stain removers can be used moderately.

Easy care

All voiles and decorative fabrics from the Gardisette programme are easy care. They are crease-resistant, easy to iron and can be washed up to 30°C.


Fabrics bearing the Teflon trademark are furnished with an invisible stain release finish. Liquors run off the surface and dust particles are absorbed by the fabric to a lesser extent. Therefore cleaning intervals are extended.


This symbol indicates that wet cleaning is possible and applies for both hand and machine washes.

30° delicates

For fine fabrics such as viscose, polycyclic and polyester reduce the washing quantity to half. Choose the corresponding washing programme. To avoid creases avoid spin-drying.

Abbreviations of the most important materials

CMD = Modal
CUP = cupro
CO = cotton
CV = viskose
LI = linen
PA = polyamide
PAN = polyacrylic
PES = polyester
SE = silk
WO = wool
WV = virgin wool